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Ukrainian Overture ( Alexej Romanov ) 

By The Way  ( Alexej Romanov )

Chestnut Memoirs  ( Alexej Romanov )

Could I Have This Dance (Wayland Holyfield & Bob House)

Davon geht die Welt nicht unter /Uit de film "Die Grosse Liebe" (Bruno Balz, Michael Jary)

Happiness   ( Alexej Romanov )

Overture-March (Kirill Yefremov)

Reflections  ( Alexej Romanov )



Reality   ( Alexej Romanov )

Road to the Hague   ( Alexej Romanov )


A Day Off  (Kirill Yefremov)    MP3
A Tribute to Bach   (Axel Norman) gebaseerd op Partita #2 C-moll
Funny Stuff  (Luka Yefremov)
FC Medley ( Alexej Romanov )
Mijn Club ( Michiel Romein, Kees Prins, Herman de Koch ) / Jiskefet
Nederland, oh Nederland (Auld Lang Syne) /Wij houden van Oranje - Andre Hazes
Hoi, Tetjana /Oekraïens volkslied  Bew.: Alexej Romanov
Ragtime ( Axel Norman )  MP3
Ukrainian Overture  Alexej Romanov
Voetballied Vitesse (arr. A.Romanov)
Nether Lands ( Dan Fogelberg )

C O M B O / Ensemble / K O O R

Impromptu (Vladimir Yefremov)

ANTHEM  N. Diamond  (arr. A.Romanov)
ABBA GOLD  - ABBA   (arr. A.Romanov)
Ave Maria Glocklein  - Engelhardt Xaver   
Concert Celebration  - Medley on the themes of Andrew Lloyd Webber  (arr. Alexej Romanov)
Chariots of Fire  - Vangelis   (arr. A.Romanov)
Christmas Medley - Alexej Romanov

Venetian Carnival  - Peter R. Sijbenga   (arr. A.Romanov)

How Blue - Country   (arr. A.Romanov)  MP3
Jimmy - Boudewijn de Groot  
La Sagrada Familia  - Alan Parsons Project  
Rad Van Fortuin - Henk Westbroek  
Never Too Late  - Michael Franti  

You And Me - Spargo

Old And Wise  - Alan Parsons Project  
Sleigh Ride - Leroy Anderson, Mitchell Parish
The Fifth /Thema van L.W. Beethoven   (arr. A.Romanov)
Powder Your Face With Sunshine - Lombardo, Rochinski  
River Deep Mountain High - Phil Spector, E. Greenwich, Berry
When You're Smiling - Shay, Fisher, Goodwin  
Walk Right Back - Phil Everly /The Everly Brothers  
When Will I Be Loved - Phil Everly /The Everly Brothers MP3
The Holy City   - Stephen Adams, Frederick E. Weatherly  
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - (U2) Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen

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B I G   B A N D  &  KOOR

African Lord's Prayer  ( Dave Pass )
High And Lifted Up ( Joseph Pace II )

Get Your Way  (Jamie Cullum)  Vocal-Solo & Big Band

Boca Arriba  ( New Cool Collective )
Enter The Dragon  ( New Cool Collective )
Get Your Way  ( Jamie Cullum )  Solo-vocal & Big Band

Peter ( Nederlandse volkslied )

Everybody Loves Somebody (Taylor, Lane)

Chemnitz Cha Cha  (Günter Noris)

Dresden Rumba(Günter Noris)

Potsdamer Blues  ( Günter Noris )

Leipziger Jive (Günter Noris)

Stralsund Samba (Günter Noris) 

Weimar Romantik  ( Günter Noris )

Känguruh-Cha Cha  ( Günter Noris )

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S H O W   B A N D   P R O J E C T

Deel 1 Malague / From the Spanish Suite ANDALUCIA ( Ernesto Lecuona )
Deel 2 Mask of Zorro /From the TriStar Motion Picture THE MASK OF ZORRO ( James Horner )

Deel 3 Diego's Goodbye /From the TriStar Motion Picture THE MASK OF ZORRO ( James Horner ) 

Deel 4 Mask of Zorro. FINALE /From the TriStar Motion Picture THE MASK OF ZORRO ( James Horner )


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Audio-demo's - MP3
Rad van Fortuin - Henk Westbroek
Powder Your Face - Lombardo, Rochinski
32 Jaar. Sinds 1 Dag of 2 - Doe Maar
You And Me - Spargo
Never Too Late - Michael Franti
Voetballied - Vitesse
Mijn Club - Jiskefet

Sleigh Ride - Leroy Anderson, Mitchell Parish