Conducting srv

Managing and performing as a conductor with symphony, brass or chamber orchestra, and choirs.

Orchestras, choirs, Concert & Big Bands...


Different forms of music performing. 
Basis on long experience conducting work. 
Wide range of music genres:

Leading and performing with chamber orchestras.

Leading and performing with Symphony, Brass and Big Band orchestras.

Leading and performing with choirs.


Reference accounts

Noord Nederlands Opera- & Operette Koor (Groningen)

Lemster Kozakkenkoor (Lemmer)

The Eastermoor Singers (Annen)

Four Winds (Oostwoud)

Melody Singers (Deventer)

Pro Burletta
 Operette Vereniging (Hoogezand)

Sea Sound Singers (Dishoek)

Popkoor Popolo

Cí est la Vie en Jelokoor

Gemengde Zangvereniging "Nieuw Leven"

Royal male choir. HS.
Royal male choir. HS. (Ned.)

D.O.O.K. choir Opera & Operetta choir. Delfzijl. (Ned.) 

Vox Amasus choir          Choir. Delfzijl.  (Ned.)

Groninger Gemengd 60 Plus choir.

Pur Sang choir Choir. Groningen.  (Ned.)

Big Band.  Kiev. Ukraine.

















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