Drills CD/Tapes for Choirssrv.

Making CD/Tapes for choirs to use in aid of vocal exercises and practices.

You want to give your choir good means to exercise and learn music material at home? 
Then our service will be helpful. 



Making drill-CD or tapes for a particular choir in a short term. 
The work can be done for different kind of choirs. 
Alongside with making drill-CD/tapes here can be done more extra work:


The given music piece can be rearranged for a particular choir. 
For example: S.A.T.B. version - to S.A.B. et cetera. 

Music piece can be transposed to another, more suitable tone. 

Printing choir parts
The choir parts can be printed. 
If needed, the parts can be printed out in another, more convenient size 
and without accompaniment (piano) part in it.

Reference accounts

Noord Nederlands Opera- & Operette Koor (Groningen)

Lemster Kozakkenkoor (Lemmer)

The Eastermoor Singers (Annen)

Melody Singers (Deventer)

Pro Burletta
 Operette Vereniging (Hoogezand)

Sea Sound Singers (Dishoek)

Popkoor Popolo

C’ est la Vie en Jelokoor

Gemengde Zangvereniging "Nieuw Leven"

Four Winds (Friesland)

Koninklijk Mannenkoor
Royal male choir. HS. (Ned.)

Vox Amasus Choir
  Choir. Delfzijl. (Ned.)

Opera and Operetta Choir. Delfzijl. (Ned.) 

Pur Sang
Gronings Choir 

Sing & Swing   Choir. HS. (Ned.)

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