Engraving srv srv
Making graphic data-files for printing/publishing music.

It is essential to publishers that sheetmusic is presented as attractive as possible.
The music has to be easily to read and pleasing to the eye.
E.F.Re is specialized in engraving music.
By using the most efficient software programs we are able to execute orders fast and accurately.
Besides that Alexej Romanov enjoys a professional musical background, your music will though always be engraved through the critical eyes of a musician.

Next to standard music notation we can also encorporate your personal preferences.
We can for example easily reproduce the wellknown lay-out of your company if desired.
Within a month we'll finish the engravings, making little difference if it concerns a full score or an exercise book for e.g. Saxophone. Delivery can take place on disk, saved as an EPS, ETF file, on a Zip or an output to film.

We can also send it to you by e-mail might you prefer this.

For more information, please contact us at engraving@efre.nl


Data-files in Finale (MUS) and PDF data formats for publishers. 
Making voices parts for orchestra/ensemble instruments.

Key Benefits

Rough music material to publish-ready finished product!

Professionally looking printed music!

Communicating with publishers and exchanging data-files through Internet!



Using sophisticated computer programs like Finale and Emagic Logic Pro to achieve high-quality engraving design.

Highly skilled editing, revealing mistakes and improving music material.

Most recent engraving works


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